Mark has contributed to the restoration and repair of a number of well-known historic and contemporary monuments, including the Monument to the Great Fire of London, for which the architects Julian Harrap received a RIBA award, and the recently renovated Eleanor's Cross at Charing Cross.

Historic Monuments

  • Detail of portland stone vermiculation carved in-situ Arethusa Diana fountain, Bushy Park
  • Marble flame finial for Victorian memorial in St Mary's Parish Church, Battersea
  • City Dragons: Indents to wings, tails, claws and tongues.The Monument, London.
  • Statue of Queen Eleanor. Yorkshire Roses to niche Canopy.
  • New Sunflower Fleurons for Corinthian capitals, Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner. London
  • Basso relief panel commerating the Fire of London and Charles II's intervention. Indent repairs to Statuary by Cauis Gabriel Cibber, 1668.
  • The Arethusa Diana fountain Bushy Park.Detail of Neriad by Hurbert Le Seur originally commissioned by Charles 1 for Somerset House.Relocated to Bushy Park Chestnut Avenue during Sir Christopher Wrens remodelling of Hampton Court Palace for Charles 2.
  • St Martins in the Field .Trafalga Square.Dismantle and pack monuments in the Crypt.
  • The Monument to the Great Fire of London. Detail of City Dragon showing new  carved wing.
  • The Monument to the Great Fire of London.Cibber Bas Relief.Detail of the Batton of Command held by Charles 2 and the Breast of Architecture modelled in plasticine for approval by the Architects and Client prior to carving in stone.
  • Hazzalin  Family Memorial Headstone.Adelaide .Australia.
  • West Norwood Cemetry .Replica of   stolen marble memorial to Dr  John Henry Pepper of ' Peppers Ghost ' fame.
  • Crucifixiation group.Restotration repair and repainting of plaster statues.Our lady of Compassion.Upton park.
  • Restored and repainted plaster statue of Virgin Mary.Our lady of Compassion church .Upton park.In the workshop prior to intallation.
  • Remodelled plaster hand of Jesus and repainted draperies.Our Lady of Compssion.Upton Park.
  • New marble Cover for Baptismal Font. Our lady of Compassion.Upton Park
  • Replacement Cherub arms to Fountain.
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