Frequently the clay model is the starting point for a carving. The details of the design can be finalised and approved by the client before work begins on the stone. The clay model works as a useful reference point for measurements, depths and profiles. On other occasions the modelled statue is cast in plaster for exhibition, or in the case of the Triton composition, stone for a garden fountain. Mark has also produced modelled work for interiors, including decorative roundels, low relief ceiling panels, and console brackets. Below are maquettes for statues, and a larger than life Triton fountain.
  • Madonna and Child, proposal for a housing project. 1996
  • Mary Magdalena, maquette for a statue in bronze. 1996
  • Annuciation maquette for a marble statue. 1996
  • Grotesque playing the bag pipes. 1997
  • Pengiun with egg, for Touchstone Exhibition. 1998
  • Triton fountain, for a series of casts in composite stone. 1997
  • Remodelling in clay and plaster - main entrance finials for pre-cast stone moulds: Knebworth House, Stevenage, 2001 (for Smith & Bateman)
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